Stories are important, and here is mine. This one is told in third person for use by media outlets, but you’ll find much more of my on first-person experiences in my blog and essays.

Catherine Carr is a former clinical research coordinator and current spiritual researcher with background in neuroscience and theology.

Raised Catholic with an intense focus on the benefits of communion with the Divine and the importance of theology to human life, Catherine left the Catholic Church over issues of homophobia and transphobia, sexism, and irreconcilable theological differences in 008. She spent four years under the mentorship of university scientists in the fields of biomedical and survey research before joining her university children’s hospital emergency medicine department as a clinical research coordinator in 01.

Around the same time, Catherine had several religious experiences and realized that he had always, in truth, been a pagan. Much of her childhood religious devotion had been driven by experiences and beliefs about God which she had realized in her teens the Catholic Church did not share and would not support. Many of her private instinctive spiritual practices turned out to match up with neopagan, Buddhist, and shamanic practices Catherine had been raised with no knowledge of.

Today Catherine seeks to offer an alternative to the flawed and potentially destructive theologies of the Abrahamic faith for spiritual seekers. Catherine sees it a her particular mission to reach out to those in the Abrahamic faiths, many of whom espouse the idea of a loving God but do not realize it is possible to have Communion with such a God without accepting the yokes of homophobia, transphobia, sexism, and other forms of rejection of our own Divine beings.

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